Pickering History - Since 1968

The Pickering Group Ltd. is comprised of Pickering Electronics–our relay division, Pickering Interfaces–our switching and simulation division and Pickering Connect–our connectivity division. Together we offer products and services to streamline the development and deployment of your high-performance electronic test and verification systems. These include relays, switching, simulation, software, cabling, custom design and more. Take a look at our over 50 years of history.


Pickering Electronics is started by John Moore to design and manufacture high quality reed relays for use by Original Equipment Manufacturer's (OEM) in switching systems. 

Pickering Electronics becomes a major supplier to most UK Automatic Test Equipment (ATE) companies in a growing market.
Pickering Electronics moves to new factory in Clacton-on-Sea, UK
A ground-breaking year for Pickering Electronics: the introduction of changeover and two-pole SIP relay types, as well as developing their original SoftCenter® and formerless coil construction.
Pickering Electronics introduced the first ever Mini-SIL Reed Relay (Series 107) with a patented Mu-metal screen/can - offering increased packing density and improved efficiency and reliability.
Pickering Interfaces debuts when after more than two years of development and research the GPIB 3U switching systems (System 10) are launched to provide a complete modular solution for switching systems
Pickering Electronics introduced the first ever SIL/SIP reed relay (Series 104) for high-voltage applications
Pickering Electronics introduced the first ever Micro-SIL reed relay (Series 109) for high-density applications – requires little more than half the board area of any other SIL/SIP reed relay, setting a new standard size within the industry.
Pickering Interfaces launches high-density VXI switching module range
Pickering Interfaces launches first PXI switching products and joins the PXI Systems Alliance
Pickering USA office opened
Pickering Interfaces launches its first PCI switching card 

Pickering Sweden office opened
Pickering German office opened
Pickering Interfaces launches the BRIC™ High-density Large PXI matrices, its first range of ultra-high-density switch modules in the PXI format, the highest density modules available in any test platform
A second manufacturing facility in the Czech Republic is opened

Pickering Interfaces joins LXI Consortium and launches its first LXI compliant products
Pickering France office opened
Pickering Interfaces introduces Built-In Relay Self-Test (BIRST) diagnostic test too that provides a quick & simple way of finding relay failures
Pickering Connect, the connection division is formed offering standard and custom connectivity solutions including connectors, cables, connector blocks and backshells.
Pickering China office opened.

Pickering Connect introduces its free online Cable Design Tool to create custom cabling
Pickering Electronics publishes 50 years of manufacturing quality Reed Relays, featuring various milestones in the company's history, along with stories, quotes and personal photographs from their founder, directors and employees.